The Foundry – Your System Supplier

GTO Gusstechnik offers much more than conventional foundries.

As a true system supplier, our service portfolio goes far beyond cast part production: close cooperation with our customers begins at the development stage where ideal solutions for construction, for permanent mold casting or sand casting technologies and for manufacturing are identified. Mechanical processing, refining, installation, packaging, documentation and shipping logistics are essential components of GTO Gusstechnik’s service package for permanent mold casting and sand casting.

GTO Gusstechnik in Brief

GTO Gusstechnik in Brief

Production of cast parts in aluminum and copper made in permanent mold casting and sand casting processes

  1. Consultation regarding casting technology starting at the development stage
  2. In-house mechanical processing
  3. Finishing (barrel finishing, degreasing, lacquering, electro-plating)
  4. Fully-installed casting system components
  5. Small and medium quantities are possible
  6. Logistics services (warehousing, JIT delivery)
  7. Gastight/pressure sealed components
  8. Components featuring high electrical conductivity