Satisfied Customers and Turnkey Casting System Components

Every customer and every product calls for an individualized concept to achieve a targeted, efficient solution. GTO Gusstechnik delivers tailor-made products to these industries: 

Electrical engineering


Material: EN AC AlSi10MgK T6
Weight: 0,53 kg


Material: EN AC AlSi7MgKT6
Weight: 0,9 kg

Angular conductors

Material: AlSi7MgLT7
Weight: 2,85 kg

Conductor screens

Material: G-AlSi0,5Mg LT7
Weight: 2,85 kg


Material: EN AC AlSi7MgKT6
Weight: 4,6 kg


Material: EN AC AlSi10MgKT6
Weight: 3,72 kg


Material: EN AC AlSi10MgKT6
Weight: 1,65 kg


Material: Cu-C silver-plated
Weight: 11,7 kg


Material: EN AC AlSi7MgKT6
Weight: 5,45 kg

Contact holders

Material: Cu-C
Weight: 6,8 kg


Material: Cu-C lacquered and silver-plated

Weight: 14,0 kg

Screening sleeves

Material: EN AC AlSi 10Mg(a)S
Weight: 1,0 kg

Casings for large 
explosion-proof lamps

Material: GAlSi10Mg
Weight: 13,0 kg

Drive engineering

Change gear boxes

Material: EN AC AlSi7MgST6
Weight: 3,6 kg

Wheel bodies

Material: EN AC AlSi12(a)S
Weight: 10,0 kg

Silo vehicle construction

Flange rings

Material: AlMg5K
Weight: 4,06 kg

Slide plate kits

Material: AlMg5S
Weight: 38,0 kg

Traffic technology

DN20 3-way casings

Material: Rg 5
Weight: 3,5 kg

Wheel bodies for overhead-line 

Material: GAlSi12
Weight: 9,0 kg