Quality in every Aspect

Quality has become a common buzzword. However, the term often is used only as a way to bring in customers instead of being applied to the product.

At GTO Gusstechnik, quality is the top priority throughout the entire production process. Continuous optimization of production processes, modernization of equipment, specialized staff training and constant monitoring of costs at the foundry – we have developed an all-encompassing process to achieve optimal casting results.

 Safe Production Processes 

As one of only a few foundries, GTO Gusstechnik delivers aluminum cast parts in line with TÜV datasheet 469 as well as compact cast parts made of cathode copper (CuL50).

We substantiate the features required for these components in separate tests and we provide proof of certification. Through our certified quality management we ensure that all of the required tests are conducted. For our permanent mold casting and sand casting, we also use conventional aluminum-based alloys and copper-based alloys. For further information, please refer to the list of materials.

Our production plant has been certified according to these standards:
DIN EN ISO 9001:2015